Hoot Labs is a significant arrangement of INKE’s business strategy into web 3.0.

INKE Limited is a China’s leading social media and entertainment company which is dedicated to providing a lifeful and energetic social media metaverse. The products like “Hitup”, “Super Like” were born on this INKE planet, with different colors and manifestations.

In this parallel universe space, users can build a deeper connection through interaction and content presentation, as well as participate in various rights and interests activities through NFT(Non-fungible tokens). With the deeper development of the products and business, Hoot Labs will go live with different series of NFT projects at different stages to layout and unlock more possibilities of the metaverse. In the future, more "planets" will be born from the metaverse to provide continuous energy for this parallel space where more people start and enjoy their glorious journey towards the future.



Release equity NFT. Brand upgrade, comprehensive layout of Inkeverse ecology, and build social product matrix. Launch of INKE commemorative NFT collection.


Release of the landmark NFT project.


Launch of INKE's social product “The Place”, and enabling INKEPASS holders to build their first social planet in the Inkeverse.


“The Place” 2.0 will be released with upgraded social features and additional event functionality.

What is Hoot Labs?

Hoot Labs is a significant arrangement of INKE’s business strategy into the web 3.0. The image of the owl is the official IP of INKE Limited. Hoot Labs will develop web 3.0 products for international users as a label.


INKEPASS is the mintpass and the core membership of Inkeverse, and the key to start the amazing journey of Inkeverse

What is an NFT?

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. NFTs are cryptographic assets on a blockchain with unique identification codes and metadata that distinguish them from each other. An NFT secures exclusive ownership of a digital asset (for example, of a piece of art, a purchase in a video, or a song). Each NFT has different values and attributes. Each token has a digital hash value that distinguishes it from other tokens. NFTs can provide a variety of specific benefits for artists, and they have unique identities and a trackable history. NFTs can not only prove the ownership and authenticity of intellectual property such as original artwork and game tokens, but also can represent physical assets such as stocks and real estate. In the field of gaming and art collecting, NFTs are also known as digital collections.

What is an NFT wallet?

If you want to start collecting NFTs, a wallet is an essential tool as it provides the private key that allows the holder to access the funds and assets stored on the blockchain. Metamask and Coinbase Wallet are all commonly used digital wallets.

What trading markets will Hoot Labs NFT appear on?


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